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                Heavy-duty bracket fastener system / Toothed washer bolt WH-F-SP90 M12x130
                Toothed washer bolt WH-F-SP90 M12x130

                Toothed washer bolt WH-F-SP90 M12x130

                Features and advantages

                ■The gasket is made of forging technology with superior tensile performance

                ■Tooth design improves anti-slip, shear resistance and impact resistance

                ■Square neck bolts adopt cold heading process, precise size and perfect riveting of gasket

                ■ 8.8 level safe and reliable

                ■Standardized design of accessories, fast installation

                ■The surface is hot-dip galvanized (the thickness of the zinc layer is 55um), and it is perfectly screwed with the nut after galvanizing

                ■Material Carbon Steel Stainless Steel

                Supporting products and installation


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